Halloween Masks from Red Chili Apparel

Since we all should be wearing masks when we go out in public, I thought why not start Halloween early and stock myself up on some spooky masks? I've started wandering around Etsy seeing what interesting Hallowe'en masks might be available.

I like the aesthetic at the Red Chili Apparel shop. The masks are cute but not cutesey; and they offer quite a nice selection of fabrics. There are mummies, witches, cauldrons, graveyard scenes, Halloween candy, pumpkins, skulls, and masks with spiders and bats. You can choose masks with jack o'lanterns, ghosts, black cats, and spooky moons.

I'll probably buy five or six of these because I like to always have a supply of face masks by my front door, in my purse, and in my car.

Shop for these Halloween masks from Red Chili Apparel's Etsy store.

Happy face mask shopping!