Pier 1 Imports Halloween Sneak Peek - Our Top 10 Favorites

Pier 1 Imports has put up their Halloween Sneak Peek - Take a look at my favorite items!

I think I need two of these black cat shaped pillows! One for each guest room in my house. They can majestically guard the beds and cuddle with my sleepy guests at bedtime.

I love the look of beaded pillows, but let's face it, they aren't all that comfy to sit up against. I might add a beaded black cat pillow to one of my guest beds, because everyone always removes pillows and throws them on the floor before climbing into bed, anyway.

I'll put this Beaded Jack O' Lantern pillow in my other guest room. Love his smiling face!

I don't have the heart to terrify my overnight guests with this Zombie Hands beaded lumbar pillow, so I'll put one or two of these down in my Media room instead.

I grew up in the 1970s being constantly traumatized by horrid shag rugs (usually an oppressive green, a vomit-inducing brown or a dull orange) but I find this Skull shag rug so perfect for my living room!

I throw a lot of parties, especially during the autumn and Halloween season, and every year I greedily snatch up new Pier 1 beaded placemats for my dining table. I already have spiderweb placemats, skull placemats, and pumpkin placemats. I'm super excited to add these beaded black cat placemats to my collection of dining table embellishments!

One cannot possibly own too many Halloween teapots. The more you own, the more varieties of comforting hot teas you can offer to your guests.

Won't the teapot look cute sitting on this beaded coffin table runner? I might just keep that table runner on my table all the way through New Year's...

This Halloween Monster house is going to look so awesome on my coffee table! Quite the conversation piece. It lights up, and, hopefully, doesn't talk.

I buy my nuts already shelled, but how cute is this Dracula nutcracker? He's going to look amazing perched on my fireplace mantel.

Happy spooky shopping!