Fantastic and Magical Witch Hats from Evercrumbly and Witch: Halloween Shop of the Week

I wanted to show you this delightful Etsy store full of luxury handmade witch hats. Introducing

Evercrumbly & Witch!

Each hat is handcrafted by these professional milliners, and is slightly different. The hats have names, such as "Magpie," "Gala Grimoire," "Lidia," "Fyre," "The Garden," "Black Magic" "Lavender Love" and so on.

This alternative millinery is based in Springfield, Massachusetts - a mere two and a half hour drive away from Salem, the Witch City!

These stunning designer fantasy witch hats are made from velveteen, organza, faux flowers, the occasional rhinestone and feathers. The hats are lined and come in several styles (Crumpled Traditional, Crumpled Sport, Short Sport and so on).

The shop also sells a few fabulous fascinators, pillboxes, and some headbands. There's also a section of whimsical Wizard hats.

I hope you have as much fun browsing this shop for witch hat temptations as I did!