5 Coolest Katherine's Collection New Halloween Decor Items at Horchow

Katherine's Collection offers really expensive, unique and stunning high-end Halloween decorations. Most of us probably can't afford them, but we can enjoy dark dreams about them!

I love this "Duchess of Doom" so much! She's elegantly creepy. She stands just a little over five feet tall. She's a limited edition statue.

I'd love to have this menacing Night Watchman guarding over my front door on Halloween night!

This Day of the Dead "Catrina Rose" statue stands three feet tall. She's new for the 2019 Halloween season.

Here's her boyfriend, the three foot tall "Caballero."

I can't afford this five foot tall "Brunhilda" witch, but that's ok since she'd take up my ENTIRE front porch on Halloween!


  1. Those are pretty upscale. I have decided to have a consumer free Halloween However, so if I can't thrift it, I won't own it.


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