Feline Spooky Halloween Outfits from Sourpuss

Delightful things from Sourpuss for Halloween - Feline Spooky clothing and garments!

The Feline Spooky Sweets dress (Amazon) features a mischievous black kitten carrying a jack o' lantern along the hem.

The Feline Spooky Skater Dress (Amazon) features an all-over pattern of the Halloween kitten.

Or perhaps you'd prefer the more tailored look of the Feline Spooky Lydia Dress (on Amazon)?

"Feline Spooky Sweets" also comes in a skirt (on Amazon). Pair it with a simple black cardigan and you're ready for Halloween hijinks.

I probably wouldn't layer the Feline Spooky leggings under the skirts or dresses - that would be a bit much!

Your little ones don't have to feel left out either: Sourpuss makes a Feline Spooky kids dress!

Happy Autumn!