Horror Cookie Jars for Stashing Gruesome and Delicious Cookies for Late Night Mid-Winter Snacks

It's snowy and rainy here in Seattle - we're still deep in our gloomy winter. We're doing a lot of baking in my household right now, and it occurs to me that now that Halloween is long past, there still should be nothing stopping me from baking and serving up horrific treats!

This Frankenstein's Monster cookie jar looks quite grumpy.

I might fill that cookie jar with homemade cookies made using this Frankenstein's Monster cookie cutter. I wouldn't color them green though - it's just too close to St. Patrick's Day right now.

I might actually be too creeped out and nervous to stick my hand into this Aliens Facehugger cookie jar!

I am not that artistic and can't draw or paint on cookies very well. I'd be tempted to pick up a set of these Facehugger cookies from the ProgDog Bakery shop on Etsy.

Also for fans of the Alien movie franchise, here's the sinister looking Alien Warrior cookie jar.

The last horror cookie jar I wanted to show you is this Walking Dead Zombie cookie jar.

It features the iconic Screwdriver Eye RV Zombie from the first season of The Walking Dead.

There are innumerable zombie cookie cutters out there you could use to bake up a bunch of cookies for your Walking Dead jar. Or pick up a batch of Walking Dead cookies from Sweet Confections by Jess on Etsy.

Happy baking (and eating!)