Monster and Horror Paper Toys for Rainy Days in Fall

You know that those dark and dreary days are right around the corner. I've been lucky and haven't had a rainy day yet this fall, but I know it's coming! If you have kids or do a lot of babysitting, consider getting some paper dolls by Paper Town Toys on Etsy. They're cheap, easy, and horrific!

You can reenact the whole Mary Shelley book "Frankenstein" with this Monster of Frankenstein paper doll. Well, at least it's a good start! You can color him in yourself or get them pre-colored.

You definitely need the Bride of Frankenstein paper doll if you have his monster! I wish the colored version wasn't as dark as it is! Shocking, I know. It's just hard to see the white stripes through her hair. I would rather color her in myself, because I'm not a huge fan of the color of her dress.

Have a monster mash party with the Dracula paper doll. He looks awfully creepy, especially with his eyes almost popping out of his skull. He looks like he has giant werewolf hands or claws!

I'm really glad they have a Lady Vampire paper doll. You can print out as many as you want for your own vampire coven. Color them all different sinister colors to have a larger party.

The ultimate monster would be this Cthulhu paper doll. Who knows how your monster mash party will end up with Cthulhu around, but it would be best to invite him. Imagine all the strange colors you could color him as.

Do you enjoy playing with paper dolls? Take a look at these monster paper dolls by Paper Town Toys on Etsy. Don't forget that you can color them in yourself, so don't limit your creativity! It's a great activity for the kids, especially before trick or treating. Comment below!