Halloween and Horror Shop of the Week: Santa's Haunted Boot

Don't you think Halloween in the past seems to have been scarier than Halloweentime now? Some vintage Halloween decor items can be really freaky! Get a glimpse of the past and check out Santa's Haunted Boot on Etsy. There are some surprisingly disturbing items that might fit into your Halloween decor.

I find this vintage 1950's Halloween grinning black cat die cut really disturbing. Especially since his eyes are looking over to the right in an exaggerated way. This is also a really sinister "grin".

The vintage Halloween scarecrow die cuts is terrifying. I don't know what's up with his eyes, but they look like daggers. The scarecrow looks a little like Uncle Sam.

Candy buckets these days have nothing on this 1940s vintage Halloween jack o' lantern candy container. Now you can dress as creepy as you want and have a really freaky accessory! Hopefully the candy doesn't spill out of the mouth or eyes.

I'm impressed with the condition of this 1920s antique Halloween German witch decor display is. This is a great piece if you are having a vintage Halloween party this year.

Believe it or not, this vintage Halloween witch is made from egg carton pulp!

Don't you think these vintage Halloween items are really creepy? Check out the rest of Santa's Haunted Boot on Etsy. Make sure to leave a comment below!