Elegant Dark Royalty Halloween Costumes From Underwraps

I think all of us would love to have a day of ruling over an evil kingdom. I know I have moments where I would love to be a draconian tyrant. That's what Halloween is for, not only do we dress up as things we want, but we can act like them as well. These new dark royalty costumes from Underwraps will give us the opportunity to rule all over Halloween! Come take a peek.

You would be quite spooky wearing a dress where the collar is decorated with skulls and daggers. The dark queen costume is really cool, especially since there are filigrees and skulls embedded on the bottom of the dress! The stereotypical poofy sleeves are really awesome, since they used a sheer black fabric. It might be cold, but at least you're in charge! This dark queen costume is available on eBay as well.

I wish this dark mistress costume was an actual dress. The lacy fabric trailing around the velvet skirt is really pretty! If you're going out trick or treating with the kids this year, I bet this will keep you warm. I can see this being a steampunk costume, because of the hat and the really snazzy corset. It looks like the skulls are silvery and would reflect in the light.

This can always be a family costume theme. Your daughter(s) can dress up in this dark princess costume and walk hand in hand with you dressed as the dark queen! Now you have the beginnings of a royal family. I actually think the princess costume is really cute, especially with the little skulls that are placed on the dress. This dark princess costume is available on eBay as well!

Who says you need to dress up like Disney royalty. You can be bad to the bone wearing these new dark royalty costumes from Underwraps. Make up goes a long way, so make sure to think about what kind of dark royalty you want to be. Victorian? Zombie? Vampire? The choice is yours. What do you think of these costumes for you and your family? Comment below and let me know!