Adorable New Spooky Book for Kids from Eve Bunting: Ghost Cat

I always enjoy children's books by Eve Bunting, so I think I definitely must add Ghost Cat to my home library. It comes out on August 15.

This one sounds like an adventure tale:

"Miss Maggie McCullen has been the keeper for the Port Carrick lighthouse for many years. She has never missed a night, keeping the big light going. And while the people in Port Carrick are grateful to her, they worry about her lonely life at the lighthouse. But they don't know that she has her cat, Sailor Boy, for company. Because Sailor Boy is no ordinary cat. He's a ghost cat. He can make himself visible or invisible, especially when visitors come to call and he wants to be mischievous. But when a fierce storm comes and Miss Maggie needs special assistance, Sailor Boy proves his worth."

Perhaps you have a slightly gloomy or adventurous little person in your life who would enjoy reading this book with you!


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