A Gorgeous El Dia de Los Muertos Themed Purse, Perhaps for Eldergoths

Let's face it, you don't see a lot of young people carrying around Mary Frances handbags. They're quite expensive, for one thing - you need years of saving your pennies in a skull-shaped piggy bank to afford one of these. Also, who do you know who carries around delicately beaded and intricately embroidered figural handbags that don't actually hold much in them? Your grandmother or great-aunt Hilda, that's who.

Still, I wanted to show you this gorgeous "Dead of Night" embellished sugar skull style handbag. Colorful "jewels" adorn its eye sockets, and it wears a colorful beaded floral crown.

Should you actually splurge on this bag, it won't hold very much candy for Trick-or-Treating. Yet how elegant would you look with it on your arm come autumn?