Warm and Spooky Skull Socks from RedLion

Fall is now officially here - Hurray! You need to make sure you keep warm when you go to school or work! Depending on what the dress code is, you can probably get away with wearing something a little malevolent! RedLion's spooky skull socks will add some flair to your attire. Come take a look at your options!

I would wear these to a party, especially if they have a black light! These hitman sublimated baseball crew socks are going to glow so brightly.

Look at those sinister eyes on these cranium skulls sublimated crew socks! They remind me of Skeletor. Imagine playing soccer with these and intimidating your opponents!

I would have wanted to wear these skull patterned athletic socks at school when I was younger. They are really cute and would keep you nice and warm. Plus, it would give you a little edge!

This skully athletic sock may not see, hear, or say evil. That's probably because they are just pure evil! I never thought I would actually enjoy green and red socks. There must be something wrong.

These adult bones crew socks may be simple, but they definitely get the point across! The skull making an appearance on a basketball court is bound to freak a few people out. It might take them off their game!

Can you think of anything more hardcore than flaming skulls? These blaze flat knit lacrosse crew socks are definitely a great way to show off your love of horror!

These muertos Day Of the Dead socks are another great sock to have at a party or a club. Those creepy sugar skulls are going to set the Halloween mood.

These skull socks by Red Lion are pretty awesome. What do you think? Make sure to comment below and tell me which one is your favorite!