Fantastic WItch Hats from Evercrumbly and Witch

Wouldn't it be cool to invite some of your friends to gather and wear witch garb, drink tea or bourbon, nibble on pastries, etc? Find different style hats to fit each of your personalities and make up a little story about your witchy self. Take a look at these mind blowing witch hats from Evercrumbly and Witch and see which ones represent you!.

Any wacky witch would be well suited to wear the Fiddle Head hat. The whimsical silver filigrees and black fiddle-heads are so much fun!

A little good witch should wear this Simple Afternoon hat. Not all witches need to wear creepy and malevolent looking hats. They love celebrating the autumn harvest!

I can see a witch who loves alchemy wearing this vibrant Wacky Witchcraft hat. It just screams fun and silly mad scientist!

This is the perfect Cute Curse hat for a gothic witch. Who would have ever thought a curse could be cute? Obviously a mischievous witch with a vulgar sense of humor.

The Magenta Daydream hat is suited for a witch who loves illusionist magic. The gem in the center of the bow almost looks like an eye. The bow is lovely and very enigmatic!

Something about this hat is really alluring. This Turquoise Talisman hat looks like there's something sinister about it. Maybe it's because there are flimsy feathers sticking up through the bright bow.

An old crone who lives deep in a dark forest would wear this Witch of the East hat. It's sophisticated but incredibly ominous. The twisted branches and red berries among the black roses are really creepy.

The orange really pops against the black velvet Samhain Festival hat. This would be fun to take out and really celebrate Halloween like you're supposed to. Fly on your broomsticks cackling the whole time in the middle of the night!

The yellow bow on this Helga hat looks like a bumblebee! It's so playful and fun, perfect for a happy witch.

You may be a mysterious and highly knowledgeable witch. The Something Purple hat just oozes magical essence. There's something immortal about a witch that wears a hat this gorgeous.

Check out more witch hats from Evercrumbly and Witch on Etsy. Tell us which one suits your personality down in the comments below. What I would give to have a hat like this one for Hallows Eve!