Truly Unsettling Shark Attack Themed Halloween Costumes

Maybe it's because I recently finished watching one of the Sharknado movies, but I think a shark attack Halloween costume would be hilarious. Clearly, shark attacks are a very serious thing, but these costumes can be quite funny. There are plenty of scary and fun shark attack themed costumes on Amazon to see. Come take a peek!

I had a friend tell me last year that wearing something comfortable for a Halloween party is the key to having a good time. The scary shark attack jaw bite costume looks like you'd be slipping yourself in a sleeping bag with a shark head on it. It's simple, clever, and comfortable! Basically, if you feel the need to pass out, you're already warm and snug in a shark's mouth!

This shark bite costume is almost exactly like the one above. The only difference that I can see is that your head is level with the shark's. Don't you feel like it might be a little awkward to talk to people with a big shark face in your way? On the other hand, it would also be very comfortable to wear and you could always tuck it away.

You and your little ones could all be attacked by a shiver of sharks! The baby's shark costume comes in all kinds of colors. So if you have to watch a bunch of little toddlers for Halloween, at least you could tell the difference! It would actually be really fun to dress up as a bunch of shark attacks.

If you're starting your own tragic shark attack scenario, then baby needs to be involved too! The baby shark bunting looks really warm and comfy. Perfect for strolling around in the middle of fall when it is cold.

I know this isn't a whole costume, but it's easy! The grey shark hat is great if you're already busy on Halloween and just want a quick goofy costume. Also, if you're a parent, getting the kids together is hard enough. So if you're trick or treating with a bunch of riled up kids, this will be an easy costume idea too!

Or you could wear a seductive shark bite costume? I don't personally find anything sexy about this though!

Would you dress up as a tragic shark attack? Some of these are kind of creepy, but mostly just funny! Look at these shark attack themed costumes on Amazon and comment below! I'd love to hear about your costume ideas.