Miss Skully Pump Shoes by Taylor Says

These are really bad ass! You could wear these pumps for an evening out or even with your costume for your Halloween party this year. Check out Taylor Says on Amazon for different styles and colors.

I would need to wear these Miss Skully pumps around the house before going out in public. The best feature of these shoes is the skeleton face on the sole. Unfortunately, I think your family and friends won't notice unless you point it out. Personally, I really enjoy how the straps wrap around your foot like a rib cage.

These skeleton pumps also comes in black. You can definitely see the skull better wearing these black pumps. The pink embellishments also pop against the black color.

Don't you love these high heels? Honestly, I don't know how long I can last wearing these! I might topple over, but I do love the style. Tell me what you think of Taylor Says on Amazon. Make sure to comment below!