Inflatable Ghost and Skeleton Sky Puppets for Halloween Celebrations

I live in a really obscure cul-de-sac, so sometimes a lot of people get lost. Especially when it's dark, which it will be for Halloween. A great way to get people's attention and guide them to your Halloween party are these Halloween inflatable tube men. Put one on the end of your street or in your front yard. Check them out!

It would be a bit difficult to see this skeleton inflatable tube man in the dark. He has a bit of a goofy expression on his face, but he's still a little creepy. It's unsettling how his neck is built on really thick bones.

Now if you stuck the ghost inflatable tube man on the end of your street it would be easy to spot your house! This is an awesome option if you are going to have a Scream movie marathon. We all know how terrifying Ghost Face is, especially for those high schoolers!

Check out other Halloween inflatable tube men on Amazon. I think they're awesome for decorating and bringing attention to your place! Are there any other ways you would use this for your Halloween party? Tell me about it down below!