Stunning and Unusual Halloween Masks from Creature Revenge Studios

Since Halloween is on a Monday and I'll have to work the next day, I know I'm going to be lazy and find an easy costume. Masks are always a great option! The only problem I personally have with masks is they get so warm. But you won't have to put any Halloween make up on, which is a huge time saver! These Halloween masks from Creature Revenge Studios are awfully creepy. Take a peek!

I've never seen a mask like this the King in Yellow mask. Admittedly, I didn't know this was a character from the Lovecraftian world. It is an interesting take on "Hastur" from one of H.P. Lovecraft's horror sonnets.

Who would have thought that a Melting Snowman mask would be this horrifying? Wear this with baggy clothes to make it look like you're decomposing really fast!

The devil comes in all forms! You can actually wear this evil Demon mask with any outfit you desire. Not only that, but it glows in the dark!

For some reason this Cyclops mask doesn't freak me out. I think anyone who would wear this would look like a gentle giant.

This is another easy costume idea! If you wore this super scary mummy mask you could just wrap yourself in bandages. Make sure to make your skin look really scabby and deteriorated.

I'm laughing because I don't even understand what this raw meat man mask is. It's pretty gross and disturbing, but it's still a bit funny. I'm sure someone could make integrate this mask into a freaky costume.

Why are pigs so scary? I am actually really curious about this! This pig mask really wigs me out. It would be a terrible nightmare if someone was wearing this in a dark corner just waiting for someone to walk by.

Is Christmas early this year? Don't wear this Santa Claus mask around the kids or you might crush their dreams. No one wants to think of one of their heroes as a monster!

This giggles the clown mask reminds me of Twisty from American Horror Story. He is definitely the most disturbing villain from the American Horror Story franchise. I wouldn't want anyone with this mask on lurking anywhere near my house.

Let the bloodletting begin! Wear this Plague Doctor mask and scare everyone away. I understand the strange concept behind the mask, but there's no way I would let a fully masked person perform operations on me.

If you're looking for a spooky Halloween mask then I would check out Creature Revenge Studios on Amazon. They have many strange and evil creatures that you can be! Make sure to comment below and tell me what kind of mask you would like to wear!