Scary Monster Beer and Wine Glasses for Halloween Imbibing

You can't have a party without beverages - at least in my house. It just occurred to me that all these years of hosting parties I actually don't have Halloween glassware! I decided to check out what I could get and Amazon never disappoints! These Halloween glasses by Top Shelf are hilarious and haunting, come see!

Feature all of your favorite monsters at your party with these Halloween beer pilsner glasses. All four of these look very scary. I wonder if you can see the beer in their mouths as you drink up!

Even the most hellish creatures are going to enjoy the beverages I serve for my Halloween party! I would proudly show it off with this That's One Hell of a Drink glass!

This is a hard core Beer Mug. The neon green colors would be really cool if you had some blacklights at your gathering. Wouldn't it be spooky drinking out of a glowing glass?

I've been trying to refrain from referencing the Monster Mash, but this Monster wine glass definitely looks like a monster mash. A party in a cemetery would make everything so much better!

I am not going to lie, I'm so happy to see more werewolf merchandise! This Have a Howling Good Time Pilsner glass is hilarious and needs to be a part of my collection! He's also a bit terrifying!

Perhaps you're wanting more "elegant" glassware for this holiday. These Get Smashed Halloween wine glasses are gorgeous. They're very simple and are obviously meant to hold your horrific beverages.

You guys know that since Halloween is close that a new season of The Walking Dead is coming! I need to drink my weekly whiskey beverages in this zombie hurricane glass! Then it'll be a true undead celebration.

I really can't get enough of the catch phrase for this glass - "Time to Unwind". I rarely see mummy items nowadays, especially not costumes. I kind of want to bring this classic back into the spotlight!

Aren't you itching to drink out of a martini glass that has eyeballs all over it? This "I've Got My Eye on You" martini glass would be extra awesome if you served bright green appletinis. That would offset the bright yellows and reds.

This skeleton hurricane glass has a really cool skull and crossbones feature. It's hard to tell if it's metallic art sticking out from the glass itself. Another fun thing about this glass is being able to say "Oh I've drunk to the last rib!"

Initially this doesn't look like a scary enough glass for Halloween. I would use this Love Potion Pilsner glass for a party acivity. I would pretend to be a wicked witch making all kinds of strange potions at the bar serving people. Who will be the unlucky one?

It's hard to have a Halloween bash without some form of alcoholic beverages! Make the experience all that more hilarious with these Halloween glasses by Top Shelf on Amazon. Is there any glass or set that you would use for any future gatherings at your place? Let me know about it!