Halloween and Horror Shop of the Week: Freakshow Clothing

These t-shirts are pretty awesome, so I wanted to share them with you. The illustrations on them are very different and cool. Check out Freakshow Clothing on Etsy for all kinds of horror related tees. I'm going to show a few of my favorites, but I would definitely peruse the rest of the store.

This is an all encompassing Nosferatu tee-shirt! His eerie design gives a whole new meaning to having a "twinkle in your eye" - shudder. I love the symbols on his knuckles. For some reason I feel like that makes him look more hardcore. If there are any vampire occultists here, this tee would be a great temptation I'll bet.

This bat is absolutely terrifying. The illustration on the Vampire Bat tee doesn't have room for that mysterious allure like most vampires do. He's just straight up horrifying. I give the vampire props for keeping a fancy suit on, even in bat form.

What is better than a Marilyn Monroe Day of the Dead T-shirt? Honor the beautiful dead idol with this stunning tee. I imagine this woman never lost an ounce of her womanly charm when she did pass. I really love the diamond on her forehead. Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Now, when I think of a creepshow, I definitely think of something like this circus t-shirt. I would be more enticed to go to one of these if a skeleton was the ringleader. I couldn't handle any creepy clowns that might pop up!

I have to admit, I giggled evilly when I saw this Victorian girl tee. They did a really good job making her look so ghostly. The giant moon in the background might be a little unnecessary. The foggy "swirls" makes this spirit look like she has just manifested.

This Bride of Frankenstein t-shirt is gorgeous. Is she growing out of a poppy flower? I enjoy the fact that she's talking to the skull just like Shakespeare's Hamlet.

These guys did a good job making common monsters extra creepy! The wolf varsity jacket has such a unsettling werewolf illustration. The extra set of eyes would create a even more dangerous predator. Maybe it's a play on a "wolf spider"? (Shudder) I think it's fun that it's a varsity jacket.

If you want some horror themed tee shirts I would definitely take a peek at Freakshow Clothing on Etsy. It's hard to pick a favorite out of the seven I picked, but what do you think? I love the illustrations and how disturbing everything is! Comment below and tell me which one you like the most (including the other stuff in the store.)