Zombie Road Trip Board Game for Dark Autumn Nights

Some people forget that you can have an intense board game going! Especially the younger generation, because of video games. That's not an insult to video games, as I am guilty of spending too much time on them myself. I do think that board games can be more inclusive and entertaining depending on the game. This Zombie Road Trip Board Game looks like a lot of fun.

I wonder how difficult this game actually is. I prefer strategy games more than most people! If you like The Walking Dead and zombies, this is definitely the game for you. I would love to get together with a bunch of friends to kill the undead! The Zombie Road Trip Board Game is for only four players.

I love board games, especially zombie games! This game reminds me of the Left 4 Dead video games. Take a look at the Zombie Road Trip Board Game and tell me what you think!