Horror Swimwear and Masks from Bloodlust Productions

I just want to say that this may be a NSFW kind of post.

What did you do last summer? "Oh, I scared the crap out of people at the neighborhood pool!"

I couldn't help but laugh at some of these bikinis and masks by Bloodlust Productions. I also have to admit there are a few pieces of swimwear that I think are quite awesome and I might buy one. We can celebrate Halloween whenever we want to, so why not own some spooky pool gear?

This post may be NSFW, as the models are wearing skimpy bathing suits. Let's start off with masks and work our way into the swimwear.

Honestly, I didn't even realize this Cannibal King was a mask. It looks awfully heavy to wear around. If someone wandered around the corner wearing this, possibly in a swimsuit, I would scream. It's such a disturbing mesh of pained faces.

Doesn't this Pumpkin Dreadnaut say psycho killer to you?

I think the 3D effect of this dragonkini is really awesome. There are a ton of different colors you can choose from as well. The weird demon dude is kind of hilarious. I would consider getting this bikini if it didn't have that dude on there.

This Necronomimonokini might creep out the kids at your local pool. I wish the faces looked more like skulls rather than abnormal faces. It almost looks like a bunch of demonic Chewbaccas.

This Killkini 13 bikini features a Jason Voorhees style killer mask.

I wonder if this Spinekini only comes as a top? Out of all the swimsuits I think that this one is the creepiest. The shape looks like an alien face-hugger, in a way. There's no way I could get away with wearing this, but some of you may be interested!

Finally, this Demonokini was the swimsuit that made me kind of want one of these! This one has a whole array of colors to choose from. I like the bones sticking out from everywhere - it really gives it character.

We can celebrate the eerie feeling of Halloween all year 'round. Who says we can't dress up and go swimming all at the same time? Out of all this horror swimwear which one can you see yourself getting? What about those masks? Check out all of the bikinis and masks by Bloodlust Productions. Comment down below!


  1. Well as none of this swimsuit is suited for an older, fuller figured gal, I honestly can't say I would wear any of it. They sure are fun to look at!


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