Halloween and Horror Shop of the Week: Screen Screams

You know, I haven't posted anything that is particularly frightening in a while. I accidentally freaked myself out with these items by Screen Screams. They make scary and disturbing clay figurines that will seriously creep you out. All of these come from classic horror films!

If you're looking for horror decor, I would definitely check these out.

I wanted to start with something simple and not as horrifying, physically. Though, if you're a Scream fan, the Ghost Face - Woodsboro Wacko figure would definitely make you jump. Whenever I think of teen horror, Scream is the first thing I think of. What a classic!

I had an awful idea of putting this Psycho in the Sewer figure in the shower or just in the bathroom. I still can't even close my curtains to my shower because of the movie It. This Stephen King story has ruined clowns for me for life.

I used to watch Silence of the Lambs almost every Halloween. It was a tradition of mine for many years, plus I love Hannibal Lecter. I do think this Sophisticated Sociopath figure portrays a pretty pivotal moment in the movie, when Lecter talks to the Mayor about her kidnapped daughter. His eyes are huge!

Does anyone else have problems with animal masks? I definitely get the heebie jeebies when I see this Beastly Butcher. The movie Motel Hell, where this figure is referenced from, is totally ridiculous. It's not a favorite of mine, but if you feel so inclined to watch bad horror movies from the 80's, go for it.

Ash vs. The Evil Dead is another comedic horror TV show. Admittedly, the Nerd Demon or Eligos really disturbed me. Maybe because I am a nerd? I really don't like things taking over my brain. I suppose a demon is better than a parasite!

I prefer reading the short story rather than watching the silly movie, but the Nocturnal Navigator figure from The Night Flier is disturbing. The creature was always totally weird when I saw the movie originally, it's a great interpretation.

Clowns and Jack in the Boxes are all on the same level for me. They all just freak me out. The Jack in the Box from the movie Krampus did scare me, but this figure I think is oddly hilarious. I don't know if it's because it looks like his teeth are all over the place? If I wanted to scare myself at my own Halloween party I might get this... then give it to someone!

The Circus Freak figure would cause so many nightmares for me and my friends. I saw this movie a really long time ago and I always think of it if I end up going to a fair or in an actual fun house.

Visit Screen Screams to see more Halloween art figures!