Sugar Skull Bedding for Kids

For us Halloween fiends, it's important to have some spooky elements in your house all year round. The easiest place I can imagine decorating for is a baby room. Let the brainwashing begin early! This sugar skull bedding took something that would otherwise be creepy and made it cute and kid friendly. Take a peek!

This Sugar Skulls baby blanket is customizable with your baby's name. This is a blanket designed for girls, but they can make one for boys as well.

The skulls on this Sugar Skulls Custom comforter are strangely happy and cheerful. Again, you can personalize it, including the colors.

This is definitely a more elegant Sugar Skulls & Flowers blanket. I can see this blanket growing up with your kid into adulthood.

I would love to get my niece a macabre Sugar Skulls & Flowers quilt for when she's at my house. It would be cool to change the color scheme to black and white!

If you're looking to add just a little spook to your baby's room, this Day of the Dead baby blanket will do the trick. It also comes in blue if you prefer that over pink. Either way I think it's a really cool sugar skull!

Check out all of the sugar skull bedding you can customize. Your love for horror and Halloween will rub off on your kids early on with this bedding theme.