My Six Favorite Spiderweb Pillows

All I need to set the Halloween mood is to get some spooky pillows or pillow covers. Most of us can agree that spiderwebs are creepy, because webs means spiders are lurking nearby! Take a look at my six favorite spiderweb pillows on Etsy. There are some surprisingly artistic options too!

If you're looking for classic, then this chic Halloween web pillow is a perfect fit. Plus, since it is black and white it shouldn't clash with anything. I can even see it with a floral decor. Spiders love flowers too.

I can see myself having an elegant Gothic Halloween party. I would definitely display this Halloween ring pillow for a party like that. I wonder if the spider is included? Wouldn't that be fun to scare people with?! Or you could use it for your Halloween wedding.

What a shiny and vibrant spiderweb pillow. I think it's made with a satin-like fabric, which is quite fancy. I do like the fact that it is red and that the web design envelopes the whole pillow rather than a part.

I like the intricate shape of this spider web!

I love the chaotic design of this spiderwebs pillow. It looks so ancient, almost like there are spiders infesting the pillow itself! I don't think I could lay on it for fear that I'll look down and see some creepy crawlies.

I definitely enjoy this embroidered spider pillow. The Victorian style would create an Addams family feel in your house! It might even make great decor for all year round if that's your style.

Take a look at other spiderweb pillows on Etsy. Would you agree with my list of pillows? Comment down below and let me know!