Menacing Aliens Movie Cookie Jars

I really need to show you guys these hilarious yet very awesome Alien cookie jars. Maybe this year an Alien movie marathon is in order, because it has been a while.

Use these cookie jars as a way to store some of your cookies, candy or other tasty treats!

In all honesty, I would be hard-pressed to open this Alien ceramic cookie jar for fear that a face hugger would pop out! I wouldn't dare use this for the kids during trick or treat time, because I have a feeling some parents would probably get mad at me. It would be a great place to store actual cookies for a Alien party around Halloween!

I can't even tell where to open this Diamond Select Aliens Warrior cookie jar. It frankly looks like a statue more than a jar! It's incredibly gorgeous and would only get used one time in my house, unfortunately. If there are any Alien fanatics out there, I would recommend having something like this for every day! Then let me know how you open it.

Aren't these Alien cookie jars super amazing? I love the Alien movies and would totally get one of these if I knew I would use it more than one time. If you know someone who is very obsessed with the movies and story of Alien, this would be a very cool and unique gift. What do you guys think?