Halloween Shop of the Week: Witch City Wicks

I like to celebrate Halloween all the time. Or at least pretend that it's around the corner. Sometimes I wish Halloweentown did exist! Sometimes I really need to set the mood by using candles. Not just for lighting, but also for all the eerie and mystical fragrances. The Witch City Wicks on Etsy is a fantastic store. Even better - they're located in Salem, Massachusetts! For people who need to set the Halloween mood: Come take a look!

If you're going for creepy looks, but a classic scent, then the Black Collection vanilla candle is a great choice. The creamy and sweet scent of vanilla can never go wrong. I'm impressed with the deep black color of the candle. The scent and the color reminds me of an old Victorian house.

Any time I think of roses, I always think of vampires. Maybe because blood and roses just go together? You can give your house a crypt-like feeling by lighting a Black Collection rose candle. It's a smell that many people find to be alluring. That's probably another association to vampires, since they are almost too mysterious.

Perhaps you're more of a werewolf person? In actuality, a werewolf den would not smell pleasant. If I were to imagine a scent of a werewolf, this Wolf Moon candle might be it. It provides the earthy and almost smokey vision I have. It has a deep musky scent with geranium, patchouli, fern and a woody base that is well-balanced.

Here's a fantastic scent for Halloween: the Holy Ground candle. It apparently smells like sandalwood and wet dirt, which we can imagine digging up in a graveyard. If you're looking to set the mood for a haunting Halloween, I recommend checking this out! I have a feeling that this was inspired by the famous graveyard at Salem.

This is a great candle for all year around. The Bite Me candle might have the perfect name. I can already imagine the sweet scent of berries tantalizing my nostrils then suddenly a packed punch of lime. This is fun fragrance that might not be scary enough for Halloween. It's definitely sweet enough, just like the candy from trick or treating!

I can't tell if the Opium Dragon's Blood candle would have an ominous, relaxing, or just masculine scent. Who's to say it can't be all of those traits, right? I can visualize this smelling like dragon's blood, is that weird? It's earthy and musky, like fire! The illustration on the jar is pretty awesome too. Perfect for Halloween.

The last candle I want to feature is the rosewood musk candle. I must say if you're looking for something to really put people in the Halloween mood, this is the candle to go for. It's an earthy and gentle smell that reminds me of fall. The hint of pepper also reminds me of long night walks during Halloween. It's very subtle.

Can't find anything you like here? I would take a look at Witch City Wicks on Etsy itself. There is a whole array of candles that you might find to be more enjoyable or more Halloween for you! If you're anything like me, candles are used all the time and I can never have too many. Which one is your favorite? Comment below!