Gently Spooky Halloween Rag Dolls

As Halloween approaches, I always contemplate what kind of horrific costume I am going to have this year. I never want to be the same thing! For some inspiration I always like to look through Etsy to see what kinds of cool things there are.

When I saw these Riot Girls rag dolls I got pretty excited. Not only do they help with costume ideas, I think they would make great little Halloween gifts. Another cool idea would be to get a few for a Halloween party as prizes! They're only mildly spooky. Come and see!

Innocent looking enough right? Especially for a punk rock princess rag doll! The pink streaks in her hair are very cool along with her outfit. Probably the best part about this doll is her starry lacy skirt. She screams rock star!

I can't help but love dressing up as a witch. This Trick or Treat witch rag doll is something I've never thought of before. It would be fun to dress up as a candy witch and bring this doll along with you while going around getting candy!

I love the hair on this black kitty rag doll. The strings are a great way to give her a little bit of a frazzled look! She's pretty adorable at any rate and would make a great gift! I've never seen a cat costume like hers before.

I mostly like the clown girl rag doll for how colorful she is. Her hair is really fun and reminds me of Raggedy Ann. The only thing is it doesn't really feel like a clown to me. She's probably the most welcoming out of all the dolls, but I just don't see a whole lot of "clown" features.

I laughed when I saw the angry vampire rag doll! I just think she looks very adorable when she's angry. I definitely love her vampire outfit and hair! Her skirt reminds me of the spider webs that probably surround her coffin.

This is another punk rock rag doll that would go well with the other listed above. Her style is different, as she is wearing a dark plaid dress with a bright pink bow. I thought it was interesting that her hair is grey instead of maybe purple. I still think she's very elegant as far as punk princesses go!

There are plenty of other rag dolls by Riot Girl on Etsy. It would be fun to collect them all as well and use them to decorate the house! What do you think of these rag dolls? Comment down below!