Adorable Day of the Dead Plush Toys from Aurora World

When I saw the sugar skull bedding I actually ran into these Day of the Dead plushies! They're a little creepy and oddly precious. I can see these being used as gifts for your kids during Halloween! Come check out the various colors.

We all know that black goes with everything. This Day of the Dead black plush could match your potential sugar skull bedding. Plus I think bone looks better on black anyway!

The green shimmery flower around the purple Day of the Dead plush is more Halloween than the pink, in my opinion. The color scheme in general on this plush is the best and most seasonal.

I keep forgetting that this orange Day of the Dead plush is supposed to look skeletal. The orange fluff is a little overwhelming, but for kids it's an "anti-spook" color!

If you have a lot of kids or want the whole collection for yourself (I'm tempted myself), then you can get all three plushes on Amazon!

What do you think of these as gift ideas for kids or even as a little collectible? Comment down below!