Cavallini's Darkly Delicate Morbid Wrapping Papers

You never know when you might need to present a friend a beautifully wrapped, slightly macabre gift. I've stocked up on some of these wonderful dark wrapping papers from Cavallini. I know Halloween isn't really a gifting occasion, apart from candy, but I think these papers will come in handy year-round. After all, I have tons of friends whose tastes run to the dark side!

Check out this Cavallini Skeleton Chart wrapping paper at Paper Source or on Amazon. I think this would be great for a nice hardback book on some morbid topic.

Prefer a blue background? Here's an alternate design of anatomy chart wrapping paper at Paper Source.

It's not very often you find spiders on wrapping paper! Here's Cavallini's Spider Chart wrapping paper at Paper Source or on Amazon.

For a darker, more sinister look, how about Cavallini L'Anatomie wrapping paper on Amazon or at Paper Source.

I shudder to even look at this, but here you go in case you like this sort of thing: Cavallini's Serpents wrapping paper, via Paper Source.

Here's a handsome fellow! Skull wrapping paper, at Paper Source.

I'm storing my wrapping papers rolled in a poster tube until I need to use them. I'm sure my cat would LOVE to play with these if he could get his little paws on them!


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