Halloween and Horror Shop of the Week: Goblins Hoard

I keep looking and looking to find something that will really wow people during Halloween and I think I have finally found it. These amazing handmade pieces of art by Goblins Hoard would really turn heads. Come and look at what they have in store!

This limited edition Cold Cast Bronze Cthulhu is absolutely gorgeous. From the pictures, it looks as though the bronze actually changes color depending on the light. This is a piece I would keep on my wall all year round, because it deserves to be up longer than once a year!

I love the latter, but this Unpainted Cthulhu Wall Art is more my style and very elegant. The cool part about this version is that since it is blank you can paint it any way you want as long as you have a way to fire it! I actually enjoy how it looks when it is by itself.

Another cool item is the Pirate Skull Mug. I am enjoying the art which has a Maori-like design. I keep thinking this would just be really heavy! It's stunning, but I don't think I could use this everyday, even though it would be pretty sweet. During Halloween I could probably find a way to put flowers in it or use it as a center piece on one of my tables.

This Pirate Coffee Mug II is also very unique. If I bought both of them I could have a Pirate Halloween party! Can you imagine everyone having their own skull mug? These would be great for beer or mead.

Even though this Cthulhu Ornament is considerably smaller than the rest, I can still use this as a way to decorate for Halloween. I've noticed that sometimes even the smallest little enhancements will make a big difference. Maybe something ultra crazy isn't what you want and just want a few little things. This ornament would be perfect for you!

The only way to describe this Werewolf Vampire Wall Hanging Art Set is WOW! These aren't huge pieces of wall art, but the detail is outstanding. I love the moon background for the Werewolf. You can also buy them separately if you don't want both!

The Unpainted Resin Werewolf and Unpainted Resin Vampire are separate. The only catch is that they aren't finished yet, but that might be the fun part! You could always paint them how you'd like, just make sure to buy the correct paint!

Take a look at more stuff by Goblins Hoard on Etsy. There are many unique pieces that will create a spooky environment perfect for Halloween! Tell me what you think in the comments below.