Darkness Void's Incredibly Cool Candles for Halloween

It's honestly never too early to celebrate Halloween. In my opinion, candles are a simple way of creating an eerie feeling in your house. I also use candles all year around. Darkness Void on Etsy creates all sorts of spooky candles that are Halloween themed. Many of his designs are very beautiful and intricate. I wouldn't mind using them on other occasions aside from Halloween. Most of these candles are designed to order. They also come in all sorts of colors, so contact the artist!

I wouldn't dare ruin this Big Black Beaded Pearl Beeswax Skull Candle. This candle weighs more than two pounds! It measures 5 1/2" tall and 4" across the eye sockets and about 6" from the front jaw to the back of the skull. It's huge! The candle is finely designed with pearls and beads raised above the wax. This is honestly a work of art and would be a great addition to my house!

The Large Spine Beeswax Candle is another beautiful candle. I think I wouldn't hesitate to burn it! This would be a very cool candle to watch as time progresses. It measures about twelve inches tall and is made with 100% beeswax.

These candles give me some really cool ideas for Halloween this year. The Celtic Skull Beeswax Candles are 4" talland come in a variety of colors such as black, white, and green. The designs on these candles show many Celtic characteristics on the crowns.

This Raven Crow Bird Black Beeswax Candle is very elegant. The cool part is that it comes in more than just black. It measures 5 3/4" tall at the head, and it's 8" long from the beak to the tail. This is another year around candle for my house.

The Beeswax Skull Rose Coffin Candle would make a really spooky addition to any house. I feel like there is a lot of detail work that goes into the rose coffin candle. This candle is 4 1/2" long , about 1 1/2" tall at the skull and made with 100% beeswax.

The Frankenstein's Monster Black Beeswax Candle is 5 1/2" tall. This would be such a perfect addition to any haunted gathering! Not only that, but he is uniquely designed including a bat tie.

Check out more of Darkness Void's candles on Etsy. There's more designs than just Halloween, but many of them are dark and wonderful gems! Enjoy and let me know what you think!