Bizarre and Intriguing Vintage Frankenstein and Dracula Collectibles

This, remarkably, is a Frankenstein tissue case. You pull tissues out of his nose - eww!

This vintage 1980s Halloween mask depicts Christopher Lee as Dracula.

I wish I could see a picture of the original flower arrangement that was delivered in this Dracula figural mug from Teleflora!

This papier mache Dracula figurine is from 2007.

This vintage Frankenstein collectible is a Palmolive "Bottle Monster." Huh!

This vintage Universal Monsters Frankenstein mug is huge!

This Dracula ventriloquist dummy creeps me out quite badly!

Here's a quirky vintage Talking Dracula doll from the 1970s.

This silicon life size Frankenstein is the price of a nice used car!

At one point in our not-too-distant past, someone decided it would be a good idea to introduce a pink rubber Frankenstein to humanity.

This pop-up "Frankiestein" game is so cheesy!

Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of Halloween oddities on eBay!