Omniware's Potion #9 Halloween Dishes

I'm tempted to utilize some of these Halloween dishes in October to spook up my dining table a little bit.

Omniware Halloween Potion No. 9 Set of 4 7" Dishes

These dishes are pretty small - a better size for salad or bite size appetizers.

Halloween Potion No. 9 Treat Bowl

I'd use this treat bowl for popcorn or to store Halloween candy by my front door.

Halloween Potion No. 9 Trio Candy Dish

I'd like to put three different kinds/colors of candy corn in this candy dish for visual impact.

Omniware Halloween Potion No. 9 Platter

This platter would work for serving so many ghoulish treats!

Omniware Halloween Potion No. 9 Pitcher

I'd be tempted to use food coloring in order to serve orange milk from this pitcher.

Halloween Potion No. 9 Server, from Omniware

Use this server to display your Halloween cake.


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