Lite Brix Monster and Halloween Building Toys for Kids

The Lite Brix Zombie Manor includes two little glowing zombie figures. The kit includes over 450 pieces and of course needs batteries to make it light up. This looks so fun to play with!

The Vampiez Vanity playset includes a female vampire figure, a candelabra with a bat, a hair brushing station and a perfume station. It's a 41 piece set.

The cutesey Ghoulish Glamz Boutique comes with a little monster figure doll called Maia.

The Moonlight Monsters Starlight Stage includes the Starlet monster figure. Check out the spooky bats on the corners!

Unfortunately the Spooky Spa isn't very spooky. It's too pink and purple. I wish toy companies had the guts to make Halloween toys that still appeal to girls but are actually a bit scarier and use a lot less pink in their design!

I'd prefer the Moonlight Ride car if it looked more like a hearse and less like a weird Jeep/Hummer hybrid.

The Lite Brix Moonlight Mansion has some nice touches, such as the cemetery fencing and tombstone-shaped dining chairs. I also like the chandeliers.

Your kids can play with these Halloween and monster-themed toys year round!