Cute and Cuddly Squishable Monster and Creature Toys

This squishable Mini Cthulhu is 7" tall. It also comes in a larger 15 inch size.

Not big enough for you? This Massive Squishable Cthulhu is practically a beanbag chair!

The squishable werewolf measures 15 inches. He's also sold on Amazon. He also comes in a mini 7" size, on eBay and on Amazon.

They call this one Mini Spooky Little Monster. It's 7 inches tall.

This Cerberus three headed dog squishable could also be described as a "hell hound."

The squishable Mothman has beady little red eyes. It's also sold on eBay.

Aww, here's a cute lil' fella: The Squishable Zombie. He's also sold on Amazon.