Midnight Vampire and Midnight Vampiress Costumes

This Midnight Vampiress costume features a velveteen bodice and black lacy sleeves.

Leg Avenue's Midnight Vampiress costume features the same lacy sleeves, but is a sexier style.

The Men's Midnight Vampire costume comes with the cape, the waistcoat, and a dickie with attached burgundy tie.

For a more elegant, historical look, here's the men's Midnight Stalker costume.

The Midnight Vamp costume features a long slender profile, popped up collar, and extra long lacy sleeves.

The Midnight Ritual costume features red ribbon lacings and a lacy net hood.

"Midnight Mistress" features a really short lacy skirt.

Here's a Midnight Vampires couples costume, but I'm skeptical about "One size fits most."

If you're doing a family group vampire costume, here's a midnight vampire costume for boys.

And here's a Midnight Vampiress costume for girls.

This short costume is called Wicked Midnight Vamp.

For a longer, less revealing costume, here's Midnight Vampira.

This vampire robe costume is called Midnight Carnival.