Ghost Town Halloween Costumes

I love this option for a group Halloween costume for a bunch of creative friends with awesome makeup skills: Populate a zombie ghost town. Plenty of costume options for multiple males or females in your group.

Women's Ghost Town Costume, from Target, on eBay

Also available on Amazon.

Ghost Town Indian Princess Costume

The Indian Princess costume is also sold via Amazon.

Ghost Town Zombie Cowgirl Costume

Ghost Town Phantom Deputy Sheriff Costume

The deputy sheriff costume is also sold on Amazon.

Ghost Town Zombie Barkeeper Costume

Ghost Town Zombie Cowboy Costume

You can also buy the zombie Cowboy costume on Amazon.

Mexican Bandit Ghost Town Costume

Ghost Town Undertaker Halloween Costume

The Undertaker costume is also sold on Amazon.

Ghost Town Indian Men's Costume

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been to a Haunted Ghost Town professional haunt yet. That would be fun!