Evil Circus Costumes

Looking for a darker, spookier group costume for your merry band of macabre friends? How about going as an evil, demented circus troupe?

This Underworld Ringmaster costume also comes in Big & Tall Men's sizes. The costume includes the red jacket with attached striped vest, the red shirt front with bow tie, black pants, devil mask, and top hat with horns. You'll have to supply your own gawth-as-hell boots.

Here's the Cirque Sinister Ringmaster. I don't think he looks half as interesting or evil as the Underworld Ringmaster shown above.

Here's his partner, the Sinful Ringmistress.

This bloodied knife thrower costume is also part of the Cirque Sinister line.

He has an assistant - shouldn't she be the one who's all bloodied up?

The Tainted Harlequin is the sexy costume for the Cirque Sinister line. It's not particularly dark or evil.

I love the use of stripes in the Cirque Sinister Pierrot costume!

Now here's a Halloween costume that truly does frighten me: Cirque Sinister Depraved Concession Man. Please, sir, don't put poison in my cotton candy and popcorn!

Seems to me you could really do a lot of scary things with your makeup if you wore this Bobo the Clown Cirque Sinister costume.

This zombie Harlequin clown costume is really short. I can't really think of a zombie clown costume as sexy, personally.

Unfortunately, the really cool gloves and hat don't come as part of this Goth Ringmistress costume.

Same with the goth ringmaster costume - you'll have to source the gloves and hat separately.