10 Creepiest Over the Head Masks for Halloween

For a scarier effect, I would pair this Nosferatu over-the-head mask with a black robe or black leotard, not just a black shirt like in this photo.

The gigantic horns on this over-the-head Demon Master demon mask make it extra terrifying.

This Darkman mask makes it look like something really, really bad happened to your face - and you slightly enjoyed it.

Here's an over-the-head mask you can really get your money's worth out of: Krampus. Wear it again on Christmas Eve!

What makes this Gemini over-the-head mask so awful to look at? Is it the three eyes, or the lolling gross tongue?

Want to spend your Halloween in a relatively comfortable costume? Grab an orange jumpsuit and this Hannibal Lector over-the-head mask, and a pair of boat shoes. You're good to go!

The multiple protruding fangs on this mask make it extra creepy!

You do realize if you choose to wear this "Bloody Anger" mask on Halloween, you'll send trick-or-treaters running away screaming, the poor little dears..

This "Fear" cyclops-themed Halloween mask is one of the most original I've ever seen.

I'm struggling to envision what one would wear as a costume to complement this disturbing Head Full of Souls over-the-head mask.