Dracula Figurines for Year Round Vampiric Decor

This "Deathly Dracula" figure is by Bethany Lowe. He carries a limp victim portraying an old white haired woman.

Sideshow's Vlad Dracula is more of a doll than a figure. He's a limited edition of 500.

This "Tomb of Dracula" statue is by Bowen Designs. I love his billowing cape!

I've never seen these figurines depicting Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder as Dracula and Mina from the 1992 film.

This Dracula statue is shown resting in his coffin.

Put Dracula to work for you: have him hold your burning incense sticks.

Let's not forget the ladies! This vampiress figurine is shown holding a candleholder. However, that leads me to wonder why she needs one. Don't vampires have excellent night vision?

This Countess Dracula figurine holds something much more likely: a chalice. Think it's full of wine, or blood?