Wicked and Evil Queen Costumes

This Once Upon a Time wicked queen costume lets you show a little leg.

If you want to stick with the classics, here's a standard Disney Evil Queen costume based on the Snow White story. Also sold on Amazon.

If you prefer the sexy version, here's Snow White's evil Queen in a long tight skirt with keyhole bodice. Also available on Amazon.

Oh now here's one I haven't seen before. This Wicked Queen costume is a nice departure from the typical black and purple we usually see.

This wicked queen costume is called "Mirror, Mirror." I love the long trailing skirt, but that might be annoying in an actual trick or treating or party situation. Also sold on Amazon.

This wicked queen costume is called "Totally Ghoul."

Here's another black-and-purple themed Evil Queen costume.

I think this all-black Wicked Queen costume is very elegant!

Here's a kinky take on a Maleficent costume. I love the horned headpiece!

And here's a sexy Maleficent from Disney. It's also available on Amazon.

If you want to accessorize your wicked queen costume, here's a crown with skulls.

I really like this artistic handmade witch queen crown.

Perhaps your queen needs an Evil Sorceress to advise her?