The 10 Most Gruesome Halloween Masks from Ghoulish Productions

This Tongue Slasher Zombie has really creepy bloodshot eyes!

I like that this green monster mask is reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein's monster, but doesn't have a cartoonish quality and doesn't feature neck bolts.

This Face Off Zombie disturbs me the most. It's just so gross looking!

I've gone as a Witch for many Halloweens, but it never occurred to me to put on a truly freaky, frightening mask like this La Llorona one! Eek!

Even though they would know it is Halloween and this is most likely a costume, I bet you could seriously almost give someone a heart attack if you wore this Bloody Anger Zombie mask to their front door on Halloween night!

I love the horns on this devil mask, and I find his features intriguing - they look a bit goblinesque.

Hands down, this Siamese Twins mask is THE most creative Halloween mask concept I've ever seen. Amazing!

I'm so tired of seeing people in Medusa costumes - but now that I've seen this Medusa mask with realistic snakes, I am impressed.

Ok, this takes the prize for the most disgusting mask ever: Infestado, a zombie with maggots crawling all over it!

I'm pretty sure you'd be the only Possessed Pumpkin in your neighborhood this year! Very creative.

Here's another cool Evil Witch mask. She looks really pissed off!

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