My Favorite Airblown Inflatables for Halloween 2013

Gemmy sells a lot of really cool airblown inflatable black cats, and it was hard to pick a favorite. But something about this cheerful, mischievously grinning black cat face swung this one over into my favorites list.

Perhaps I'm becoming a wimp in my old age, but this inflatable Pumpkin Reaper really freaks me out. He looks so menacing! He stands ten feet tall.

I thought this Gemmy inflatable Headless Horseman was really cool, especially since I've been enjoying watching the new Sleepy Hollow TV show.

But then I saw this Headless Horseman that comes standing in its own inflatable cemetery - this is so cool!

My house is surrounded by woods, and they're fairly spooky at night. I love the idea of bringing the woods in a little closer to my haunted Halloween yard, by using this inflatable wicked tree. It's over 7 feet tall.

This inflatable vampire coffin was on my favorites list last year too, I think. I just get a kick out of the fact the vampire rises so cheerfully out of his coffin!

It's the face that makes this airblown Grim Reaper look so ominous! He's 12 feet tall, ack!