Lemax's 2013 Halloween Village Offerings

Creepy's Bed and Breakfast is one of the new buildings from Lemax's Spookytown for 2013. A ghostly butler awaits victims, er, guests, on the steps.

"Blood of the Vine" depicts a spooky wine cellar. A gargoyle bat perches on top.

"Cemetery Tours" is a small business offering "gruesome exclusive tours" with departures on the hour.

A great prop to park in front of it is the Spooky Town cemetery tour bus.

The Scariest Halloween House has ghosts popping out of most of the windows.

My favorite is The Bloody Bat, a "lemonade" stand.

The Spooky Town Clock Tower should be looming ominously in the background over your Spooky Town.

Dr. Gloom and Doom's Laboratory has an observatory on the top, and a mad scientist out front.