Haunted Court Costumes

The "Haunted Court" costume series is available from UK and Australian sellers.

The Demonic King costume includes the gray and black robe, the belt, the creepy latex hands, and the mask crown with white hair hanging out of it.

The Phantom Queen costume includes the dress, bodice, crown mask, and sleeves.

The Queen of course needs a champion. Here's the Ghostly Knight costume, which includes the tunic, hood and mask, but not the sword.

Who is whispering lies into the king's ear? The sadistic sorcerer, of course.

The king needs an executioner to do his demented dirtywork.

The one problem I have with this line, is there aren't enough female costumes. If you were to choose this as a group costume for a Halloween party, several of your male friends wouldn't be able to bring their female dates!