Dark and Wicked Fairy Tale Halloween Costumes

"Sinderella" isn't your sappy bird-loving, animal-petting singing Cinderella princess. This costume helps you develop a darker side of the fairy tale. It includes the dress with bodice and apron, but you'll have to source the gloves elsewhere. Also available on eBay.

This Snow Fright costume is for teens. The dress is made from satin and velour, with witchy tatters. Apple not included (sadly!) Also available on eBay.

This version of Snow Fright is for adult women, and features a more sophisticated, detailed bodice and trimmings. Also available on eBay.

This Zombie Snow White costume would really rely on spectacular makeup to make it work. The costume includes a latex bones chest piece as well as the tattered dress. Supply your own torn stockings.

Here's a darker take on Snow Fright that isn't trying to be sexy. (I find that refreshing!)

Here's another take on Zombie Snow White.

Lil Dead Riding Hood is a zombie fairytale character. The costume includes the tattered dress, red hooded cape, and belt.

Also available on Amazon.

Every dark twisted heroine needs her wicked foil. Here's the Wicked Queen from Snow White, only quite tarted up.

I love the illustrated fabric on this Dark Alice costume.

What would happen if Rapunzel were turned into a zombie? Show people with this dark zombie Rapunzel costume.

For young girls, here's a Poisoned Apple Snow White costume. Cute! Also available on Amazon.

There's also a Poisoned Princess costume for adults. You can also find it on Amazon.