Angel of Death Props for Halloween

This Angel of Death animated prop stands over 7 feet tall!

His eyes glow red, and you can choose to use an infrared sensor to activate him, or step on a nearby pad. He says three spooky sayings, turns his head from side to side, and raises and lowers his wings.

For a simpler, much less expensive prop, here's a white Angel of Death hanging prop. It doesn't do anything other than hang there looking ominous. A similar prop is available on Amazon.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a hanging Angel of Death/Grim Reaper prop in black.

This Lord of Death prop is by esteemed Halloween prop and costume maker Forum Novelties. He stands six feet tall. Also available on eBay.

This Angel of Death prop looks like it belongs in a cemetery, not a home yard haunt. I'm trying to figure out why it's so very expensive. It's gorgeous though!