5 Creepiest Zombie Baby Props on eBay

This animated lunging zombie has glowing red eyes. When she lunges forward, she screams and then giggles maniacally.

This zombie toddler is monumentally ugly and gross looking! One of her eyes is rotting out of her head! When she animates, she lifts her lollipop and her head spins. She says "Wanna play?"

Cruisin' Candace is a zombie baby doll that walks in her walker. She's two feet tall, and has a really mischevious bloody grin.

I'm sort of glad that this "Goodnight Kiss" zombie prop has such unrealistic looking red hair. That makes it less creepy for me, since it couldn't actually exist, right? Ugh, look at those sharp teeth!

This zombie baby rides in a snug pack, but will suddenly spin her head all the way around!