Top 7 Spookiest Animated Witch Props for Halloween Home Haunts

This Spell Book Speaking Witch stands five foot eight inches tall. She reads from her book of spells. Also available from Amazon.

This green-faced witch slowly, creepily stirs her cauldron. The cauldron even fogs up! Also available on Amazon.

Here's another green-faced witch, stirring her cauldron. This one has white hair and looks elderly. She's also sold through Amazon.

This fortune teller witch creeps me out, probably because of her red eyes and giant hands with long red nails.

Matilda the Witch certainly looks like a nasty person. She's five foot six inches tall, and spends her time petting her black cat. Also available on Amazon.

This witch stands a menacing seven feet tall.

"Heads Up Hilda" removes her head and puts it back on.. eek!!