Halloween 2013 Ornaments from Christopher Radko

Do you decorate using a Halloween tree? Here are this year's offerings from the pre-eminent glass ornament maker, Christopher Radko.

This Radko ornament for Halloween 2013 is called "La Calavera."

This Calavera ornament on Amazon is more brightly colored than the other, with more red.

The "Hangin Around" ornament depicts a spider sitting on her web.

"Drop Dead Gorgeous" is my favorite set of Radko ornaments for Halloween. It shows a bride and groom skeleton pair dressed for El Dia de Los Muertos. So colorful!

The Radko company now makes a set of Shiny Brite Halloween ornaments as a nod to the famous legendary Shiny Brite ornaments of the middle 20th century.

Happy haunting!